Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorldddCup?

WorldddCup is a competition based on Dribbble shots, that runs the same fixtures and overall rules than the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. We'll use random players and shots from each country to compete face to face in a "hot or not hot" type of challenge. Votes from the users will dictate the result for each match (win-loss-draw), just like in real life.

Ok, but can you give me an example?

Sure! Let's take the kick off match between Brazil and Croatia as an example.

  • 1. The match will run for 24 hours, on Thursday June 12th, which is the same date for the real match in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™.
  • 2. When a user enters the match, random shots from Dribbble players (one from Brazil, and one from Croatia) will appear on screen.
  • 3. The user will vote his favourite shot.
  • 4. A vote is a goal that adds to the main result.
  • 5. Dribbble Shots' details will appear on screen once the user submits his vote. This is to make the process as consistent and unbiased as possible.
  • 6. Each time a user enters the match, a new pair of random shots will appear on screen generating a totally new challenge.
  • 7. Once the match is over, points will be assigned to both Brazil and Croatia depending on the result (win-loss-draw).

How many times can I vote?

There are no restrictions regarding how many matches a user can access and how many votes can be submitted. While the match is live, it will be open for users to enter and play/vote an unlimited amount of times.

What countries will participate in WorldddCup?

The list of countries participating will be almost the same as in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. There are 5 countries that actually don't have enough users or shots, so we decided to replace those with some of the top countries in Dribbble's platform.

  • - Bosnia will be replaced with Canada.
  • - Ghana will be replaced with China.
  • - Cameroon will be replaced with Sweden.
  • - Ivory Coast will be replaced with India.

These changes will affect fixtures on Groups A, C, F and G.

Do I have to be a Dribbble user to participate?

No. Although the shots will be randomly chosen from existing Dribbble users, WorldddCup match voting is open to any Internet user.

Do I have to register for an account to participate?

There are 2 different ways to participate in WorldddCup:

  • 1. Connect and Play, with your Twitter, Facebook or Google account, and you will have access to win prizes. Your votes will be also tracked to generate statistics that will appear in the Stats section of the website.
  • 2. Just Play, as a normal/anonymous user. You can enter any match and vote with no restrictions, but won't be eligible to win prizes.

This is really fun! What about the prizes?

Thanks to the support from the Official Dribbble Team, we have some interesting prizes to give out that will add excitement to the competition.

We'll run a prize draw for ten $10 discount coupon codes that can be used at Dribbble's official shop (
We are also giving away 60 Dribbble invites in a huge #DribbbleInviteFest!

People willing to participate for any of the available prizes must play the game connecting with their Twitter, Facebook or Google accounts. That's the only requirement.

Did you say Dribbble Invites? How can I get one?

Play, play, play and play some more. Then show us your design skills!

The 100 Dribble Prospects that play the most are automatically in competition to win a Dribbble Invite. Once WorldddCup is over, we are going to carefully select 60 winners out of those 100 Prospects, based on the quality of their work.

Do you support Fair Play?

Yes. The use of macros, scripts, bots and any other type of automatization is not allowed. Those who do not comply with the aforementioned are liable to being disqualified.